DropCast was first introduced in Singapore and has easily become a favorite of the masses. This has been made possible because of its impeccable graphics and great game package.

51KPEeLKxiLThis is a puzzle style game that comes with an exciting twist, bringing new elements that make gamers think and move differently. This game is made to suit the different levels of players.  It is either played in a single or multi-player mode. This game is enjoyed by gamers regardless of the demographic spectrum. It brings forth a unique user experience that is entirely different from typical puzzle games.

Dropcast is embraced by the market because of its unique story line and cute graphics. The story revolves around the main character Ingrid who bears the role of a young witch. She brings her Frankensteinian stuffed animals to life and teaches each of them a distinct set of magic spells. Once these animals are animated, they’re pitted against each other in a battle of grid fighting, spell-conjuring puzzle combat. With only a few taps on the screen, total fun and excitement will readily fill the air.

51A9n9sD9LLThe game’s objective is to cast different spells and to fill the enemy’ board with blocks to top in any column. Colored bricks will rise from the bottom of the game screen, and whenever you touch a group of 2 or more connected bricks of the same color, they’ll disappear. But don’t clear any block too hastily. The most powerful attack spells will be activated when you tap bigger groups of 6 or more blocks with the same color. The bigger the cluster, the stronger the spell.

If the battle mode doesn’t work well for you, you can also play the mode known as Ingrid’s Curse. It relatively works like Tetris and is easier to deal with.

51SslUiejNLIf you are not yet seasoned in this kind of game, the package also comes with a tutorial which shows a step-by-step guide on how to go about the whole thing. The player can either choose to play in a fast-paced battle or controlled environment. The player can choose from different playing modes and levels of difficulty. Each player is given the opportunity to play against a tough opponent to feel the excitement further.

In order to achieve total excellence, the game is designed, keeping a close eye to every detail — from compelling graphics, to excellent sound quality, to an awesome gameplay. It has original presentations with great art style. We are optimistic that gamers will learn to love this creation, brought forth by the developers’ solid team work and shared creativity.


What’s New with the New Dropcast?

  Are you a big fan of Dropcast? Well, we've got good news for you. This puzzle game filled with cute little monsters casting spells on each other is back and with all new features. Once again, it will have a unique story line that will captivate the players. The sequel also comes with brand new levels and a lot of new characters are introduced. Another awesome new feature of the sequel is the introduction of new skins! Yes, your characters can make use of new skins! In this new Dropcast, players can now tinker with the appearance of their cute little characters. You can change their color or you can add some other designs. Just like in other popular games like CS:GO, you can now toggle with the appearance of your character to make them look more unique and more interesting. CS: GO is one of the very first games that made use ...
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Will Dropcast Really Have Its Next Sequel?

  Over the last several years, Dropcast has gained popularity inside Singapore and outside the country. It has reached millions of mobile players worldwide, gaining both positive acclaims and critical reviews in the process. Regardless, Dropcast is indeed a successful game. This success not only deserves a celebration. It also calls for an extension and that's exactly what we are looking into at the moment. Although it is only a possibility, it is at a rather considerable state. When we speak of sequel, the consistency and alignment of the storyline are needed, but changes are also a necessity. Players crave for surprises, and as developers, it is rather fair to satisfy the cravings players clearly hanker after. The spell-casting storyline of the game is already a masterpiece. Unlike other puzzle games, Dropcast has a clear and a very interesting storyline. Each level presents a new episode of the story, making players want ...
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